Are you unsure if your product idea is perfect? Don’t worry, our team will help you bring your vision to life. Our experienced development team is proficient in sourcing suitable raw materials for product designs and creating pattern samples that align with the product concept and customer requirements, ensuring high material compatibility and excellent fit.

Efficient Sampling

With a team of 35 skilled professionals in our sampling department, we have the capacity to produce up to 4000 pieces of shorts per month. We can create samples ranging from prototype (proto) samples to sales samples (SMS), fitting samples (fit), and pre-production samples (PP).

Efficient sourcing of raw materials

Efficient sourcing of raw materials is accomplished through training in materials knowledge within the company and factory visits in China and Vietnam, guaranteeing quality and cost-effectiveness. We arrange for quality inspections of raw materials in China before importing them to Vietnam, ensuring superior quality materials, which contribute to the creation of high-quality garments.

Scalable Order Capacity

With our current scale, our total capacity reaches 400,000 units of shorts converted per month. This capacity will be expanded in the near future, once our third factory in Central Vietnam becomes operational.

Flexible Leadtime

Our lead time for orders varies between 70 to 120 days. Understanding the global fast fashion trend, we recognize the significant sales advantage that comes with swiftly bringing products to market for many customers. However, we also acknowledge the demand for traditional daily-use items that may have longer production lead times but require competitive pricing. With our proactive approach to production capacity, we can accommodate orders with the quickest delivery times or the best cost, depending on our customers’ needs.